Since becoming vegan two years ago, a lot of people ask me what I eat. One thing I hate is when people offer me sides & I like to eat whole meals.


*walks into Summer BBQ*
Hey! We have Chicken, Burgers, Rice w Bacon, Hot Dogs.. *looks at me* we have potato salad!

Since eating out with allergies + dietary preferences has it’s difficulties, Simplicity is key for me. The larger the menu, the less options I have at a regular restaurant. I got tired of going out to eat sides with friends, and visited a local vegan burger shop.

*I’ve been to Seed Burger 4 times in one month. That may not seem like a lot but New Brunswick can be a 30 minute drive from where I live, which means it better be worth the drive. Food is AN EXPERIENCE for me. From going to diners with my mom, going to sports bars with my cousins, or eating a table full of vegan options with my sisters- they all hold different memories.

My first visit was with my sis, after I supported my younger sister in NY at her high school graduation dinner. It was Beyond worth it. I had the Beyond Meat Burger, my sis had the Buff Chik Burger and air fried curly fries. My Next visit, I realized they had their own juices, ice cream, and tried their special- Sloppy Meatball Burger & air fried sweet potato fries. I have another sister I love dearly, that also loves food as much as I do (you kind of have to at this point). She enjoyed the Beyond Meat Burger with curly fries while I enjoyed the Sloppy Meatball Burger again. In our latest visit, we both ordered the Beyond Meat Burger, and shared air fried curly fries. We both got a different refreshing drink.

Something that brings me a lot of joy is having someone try vegan food. I don’t need you to love it, I just want you to try it. IF you love it, we’ll have it more often, if not- we can explore other options. Burgers have a special place in my heart and taste buds, I’m grateful to have found a favorite vegan burger spot.


I’d heard of Seedburger from Instagram , and finally decided to try it out of myself.


Have you been to Seed Burger yet? Do you plan on going now?