Rosey's Hydration Check

If you follow me on Instagram, and keep up with my stories, you know I do a hydration check at least once a week. You know when you finished a great meal and forgot to take a picture before the first bite? That’s how I am with my water intake sometimes. I think it’s very important to stay hydrated, and mind your business- especially since Summer is officially here in New Jersey.

When I first started my weightless journey, I’d drink about a gallon of water a day- mostly because at that point I only wanted to drink water ( less soda, juice, etc). Drinking regular water can get boring, so here’s 5 alternatives so we can stay hydrated this Summer!


Coconut Water

Coconut water has become one of my favorites, mostly because it is a great source of hydration electrolytes (vs Gatorade/ Powerade). Coconut water can contribute to your heart health, reduce blood pressure, muscle tension, & stress.

Chia Seeds

Chia Seeds are underrated, in my opinion. I don’t eat chia seeds enough, but adding it to my water/ smoothies helps me feel better. Chia seeds help boost your energy levels, contain plenty of fiber, keeps you hydrated, helps you lose weight, and is a natural anti inflammatory.


Watermelon is easily my favorite Summer Fruits. I love fruits, so snacking on watermelon isn’t uncommon, it wasn’t until I started making smoothies that I realized how much I love to add watermelon to it too. Watermelon boosts immunity, improves heart health, relieves muscle soreness, detoxes the body, and helps with weightless.


Berries go right next to the watermelon in my bowl for fruit snacks. It’s usually in my smoothies for many reasons. Berries are natural antioxidants, are high in fiber, packed with nutrients like vitamin C, and Vitamin K, berries help clear up my skin as well.


I have an allergy to pineapples, so I don’t enjoy it like everyone else does. I hear it tastes amazing grilled, or plain as a fruit snack. I always tell people to enjoy it for me, so here’s some benefits of eating pineapples. Pineapples boost your energy, hydrates your entire body, boosts blood circulation, increases immunity, anti inflammatory, strengthens your bones.


I used to hate celery, it wasn’t until my journey of becoming vegan that I forced myself to liking it. I looked up the benefits of it, and haven’t looked back since. I started by adding it to my green juices, before I used to make celery & green apples juice to stomach the flavor of celery. A couple of weeks later, I was eating celery & carrots with my hummus. Literally, if I can eat/ drink celery- you can too. Benefits of celery include lowers inflammation, reduces high cholesterol, improves digestion, aids in weightless, treats high blood pressure.


How are you staying hydrated this Summer?