Golden Protein Milk

If you know me, you know I love to add Golden Milk to my daily routine. I first tasted Golden Milk at the coffee shop I used to work at. The recipe was a blend of turmeric, ginger, cayenne pepper, cinnamon & black pepper, I’d normally have it with soy milk.

Why you should drink Golden Milk.

What keeps me drinking Golden Milk is simply the benefits. Tumeric benefits include Preventing Inflammation, Improves Brain Function, Increases Immunity, Reduces Cholesterol, Prevents Cancer, Improves Digestion, Reverses Diabetes, Relieves Arthritis Pain, Delays Aging, Heals Wounds, and Reduces Depression. I love the glow that my skin has when I consistently drink tumeric as well. 


Golden Milk is my preferred warm drink in the Winter, and now that Spring is here, its time to make my recipe cold, and why not add protein? Just like any recipe, my creativity takes over my measurements and it’s truly trial and error. Some days I like more milk, some days I’ll add cinnamon and ginger.

This recipe includes Vanilla Almond Milk, Tumeric, Vanilla Arbonne Protein Powder, Vanilla MCT oil. 

Why I started adding MCT Oil to my recipes. 

Since KETO diet is becoming more & more popular, I-look at what people are eating and how i can add ingredients to my diet. MCT Oil provides immediate energy for your body and brain. Benefits of MCT Oil include Aiding Weight Loss, Suppressing Hunger, Gives you more Brian Power, Strengthens Your Gut, and Boosts Your Workout .

I blend 10 oz of Vanilla Almond Milk with 1 tsp MCT Oil, 1-2 tsp tumeric, 1 scoop of Arbonne Vanilla Protein for a few seconds & enjoy!

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