mango chunks: FRUIT SNACKS

Who else LOVES fruits like I do? When I go food shopping at Wegmans, I look for the kent mangos for my to go mango chunks fruit snack. My go-to fruit salad right now is mango and kiwi.

This week, I made a delicious avocado and mango salad: both cut into chunks, avocado seasoned with lime juice, salt, pepper, garlic, and cayenne pepper. The flavors complemented each other very well, the spice from the avocado was cooled down with the sweet mango- bite, after bite. 

Here's a video on how I cut my mango into chunks for each recipe, including freezing for smoothies!



sidenote: I really love what being plant based is doing for my life. I have a lot more energy and drive, my skin has never been this clear regardless of the skin care products I use. I've been wanting to go plant based for a few years and this has been one of the best life decisions I've made to date (of my 22 years).