I watched Steve Harvey’s viral video a few years ago about jumping. When we jump, we lift our weight from the ground and gravity brings you back down whether you land on your feet or fall. I used to love jumping rope as a kid- I realized I have the power to lift myself up from the ground when the rope was under my feet. 

Jumping as an adult is a little different because I don’t see the rope-I jump according to my intuition. If I’m unhappy with where I am in life whether it’s with where I’m living, working, or anything else, that’s become my jump rope. Only, when I jump rope I stay in place which leads me to be upset (I know I’m too far down this road if I’m constant mad). Being upset leads me back to the drawing board and figure out what I want & what I’m going to do. At this point, it’s more like double dutch. 

In order for me to get in the ropes at the right time, I need to be more aware- or I’ll probably get hit in the face. The awareness helps me analyze what I want in life, what has brought me happiness in the past, and what I think will bring me happiness in the future. 

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Jumping looks different for everyone: it can be jumping one rope, double dutch, hopscotch, or even a variety of track & field events. Some people may not want to jump, they’ll watch from the sidelines for now- but we’ve all jumped. There’s nothing wrong with wanting a better life- especially if you’re unhappy. (plot twist, you're meant to enjoy this life)

Unfortunately, we’ve all fallen when learning something new: jumping, riding a bike, skating; Fortunately, we all have the power to get back up. We’ve all gotten up from our lowest moments in life, healed our wounds, and tried again. Don’t let the fear of pain from the past stop you from living in the present time. Make the decision to grow from the ground, build a life you’re proud of, Never Give Up.

Check out Steve Harvey’s video on Jumping.


His book Jump is a great read as well.