comparison is the thief of joy

Let's face it, with 7.6 billion people on this Earth right now, there's going to be someone who has the same interests/ talents as you. You can go on social media right now and see someone doing the exact thing you dreamed of last night. Instead of getting upset/ discouraged, take it as an opportunity to learn from them. We're living in a time where we run to share good news on social media, and usually hold back on the bad.

No one is you, and that is your power.jpg


You're irreplaceable, unique, and talented- no matter how many people are on this planet. The fact that you were born with a purpose is bigger than what the person next to you does. Something excites you, whether its cooking, acting, writing, etc. instead of hating on someone who is doing what you'd like to do, get excited that you get to do it your way. 

What if Kylie Jenner, or Rihanna decided not to pursue their makeup line because it's already been done? They wouldn't be killing it in sales AND inspiring others to do the same. The fact is, Rihanna added more products to her line that actually suited her customers, her team did their research and they continue to have happy customers.

My point is, don't be afraid to be you. You'll never be happy if you keep comparing yourself to someone else; We compare ourselves to people who are on a completely different journey than us- and think their life is better.  Sometimes you have to rediscover who you are, and that's ok.. There is no better time than right now, where you are; start where you are and continue to be your best self.