The Last Black Unicorn

TIffany Haddish's Last Black Unicorn is one of my favorite books I read this year. I bought the audiobook version on Audible because audiobooks help me be productive, and is a different route to learning information.

It allows me to multitask driving, cleaning, eating, or exercising while reading a new book.  Download Audible app, here

I enjoyed this book over many because it was narrated by Tiffany herself, you can hear the emotion behind each story in her life. She has been through many things in her life, like a lot of us but the transparency she brings forward helps her be relatable. From domestic abuse, to growing up in foster care, fnding her voice & her purpose and living as the Tiffany she was created to be.

I left the audiobook inspired to live in my purpose; Tiffany Haddish has been in the entertainment industry for 15+ years. A lot of the culture of my generation is instant gratification- if things don't happen instantly we get discouraged easily but the true stars trust the process of LIFE. Life is about moments that create longevity- not just this moment.

"Be you, everyone else is taken."