Black Privilege: Opportunity Comes to Those Who Create It

In Black Privilege, Charlamagne talks about his upbringing, the lessons he has learned along the journey of his life, and it gave me his perspective for life. If you've heard of him for giving out the Donkey of the Day, saw him on MTV, CNN, etc... His unique questions and personality have special soil. I love that the way he wrote this book is like having a conversation with him. I heard his jokes, and stories in his voice, and saw each picture he painted.

This book is great motivation for any POC living life. We face different types of adversity that we relate on a certain level. I love that he never gave up on his purpose when he found out what it is. I love that he's growing, learning & living life before us. He is transparent like no one else in this world and I look forward to reading Shook Ones and watching his show on HBO Gray Area where he will have one on one interviews with celebrities. 

I was born & raised in New Jersey which can be a 15 minute drive into New York City. Listening to the NY radio was my favorite thing to do growing up- from the commute to school & work, to listening after I did my homework I got to hear the latest music or radio personalities. I religiously listened to the Hip Hop station Hot 97 loving radio personalities Miss info, Peter Rosenberg, Cipha Sounds + radio legend Angie Martinez. When Power 105.1 grew it's brand with The Breakfast Club, I didn't tune in as fast as my friends. I was aware of who radio personalities Angela Yee, DJ Envy & Chalamage Tha God are and tuned in more when Angie went to Power 105.1; I'm learning more about them as I watch their content on Youtube about everyday now & would love to read a book on Angela Yee- since she also reads a lot. 

I decided to buy Charlamage's book because my friend Mike gave it a co-sign.

Reading books about the people who curate in our culture is important because they add value to our lives. Yes, I can watch current content/ interviews to get to know people from a distance, but that's who they are in this moment; Books are usually well thought out written in a certain tone- authors are brought back to a certain room in their memory and it can oftentimes be therapeutic to write about it. 

Charlamagne interview w Angie Martinez

Thank You, Charlamagne for bringing awareness to my friend Jamal Gaines.