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Do you love books like I do? I’ve been collecting books for a few years, physical, ebooks, and audiobooks. It’s one of my favorite investments, no matter where you are in life- you can always learn something new. People ask me for book recommendations, I created a Book Store you can order books from on Amazon. visit Book Store.

The books in my book store are books I personally have, and would like to buy. From books that help direct me on my Plant Based journey, to self help books; my favorite books on spirituality, to books helping improve my financial literacy.

With my interest in several books, it’s easy to lose track of my favorite books. I love physical books, but I will pack (and have packed) my backpack with too many books. I usually have my phone on me, which is as light as my smallest books; that’s when I got into ebooks and audiobooks. Reading in general needs a certain level on concentration. The same way I can’t read a book and multi task on chores like laundry is the same way I treat audiobooks. When I was commuting from Philly, where I lived, to New Jersey where my family lives- about an hour & a half commute, I got into Audible.

Kindle Unlimited offers Unlimited Reading, Unlimited Audiobooks, and Current Magazines on any device for $9.99, but you have until July 31 to sign up for 3 free months.

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