Photography Essentials

I’ve turned my hobby of photography to my business, and I genuinely see each purchase an investment. I’ll walk through everything I use now, and the purchases I look forward to making this year.

I use all of my electronics for different things. After a photoshoot, I transfer the photos from my Canon Rebel T6i to my iPad via WiFi settings. When it comes to editing my photos, I’ll use Adobe Lightroom + VSCO in my iPad Pro. When it comes to editing videos, I’ll use Final Cut Pro X on my MacBook Air or iMovie on my iPad. I like editing apps like Vont, Phonto, Canva, and even the edit option in the Photos app for little tweaks, adding text, or for marketing. I’ll switch between my iPhone + iPad to select my favorite shots, and send them to my clients. I also will use my iPhone + iPad to jot down any tasks I’d like to do, and my Apple Pencil will help me cross off things from my list when it’s long.

I had so much fun during this shoot! Here’s a VLOG I edited for

My DSLR camera started out as an investment in myself and my future in food photography. When my niece came into my life shortly after that investment, I started to practice more. She looked right into my camera on her first month photoshoot, I practice shooting with natural lighting, and keep learning.

above are a mixture of photos I’ve taken on my Canon Rebel T6i & iPhone 7+.

Lens Talk

We all focus on different things, so choosing the right lens for you is what you will see.

I started out with a portable phone lens I could add to my phone camera. The Ztylus is my favorite when I don’t want to take my camera out of my bag. My 50mm lens is my favorite for portraits right now, and so is my iPhone camera. I bought a camera lens hood to block sunlight in certain shots.

External Memory

I take a lot of pictures so I need one hub I can have my backups in. My memory in my current laptop + memory card get the job done for me, but to each’s own interest. I bought the SanDisk Connect 128 GB Memory Card to help me backup my content from my phone onto a flash drive over WiFi.

looking forward to…

My dream office has an iMac I can edit more efficiently. I will travel/ edit with my MacBook Pro with more storage space. The video monitor will probably be my next purchase to bring my videos to another level, as well as the Sony a6000 will be best for the content I look forward to producing.

comment below what equipment you’re currently using for for hobby, or business.