Photography on a Budget

Whether you want to take pictures for your blog + social media, or just to capture special memories spent with your family, you want to make sure your investments in better equipment is worth it. Before looking for better equipment, start with wahere you are.

What do you want to take better pictures of?

What equipment do you already have that you can work with?

What’s your budget?

I understand not everyone can make a big purchase of a DSLR camera because I also was there.

Although my first camera was a point and shoot camera I begged my mom for my senior year of high school, I always wanted something more convenient. What’s more convenient than the cell phone I carry around all day? When I wanted to take photography more seriously, I compared different phones on the market at the time and went with what suited me best- iPhone 7 Plus. At the time, the portrait camera mode was a new feature that took picture quality to another level. Some of my favorite shots were #shotoniphone.

My focus at that time was to create better food content- food photography, but I wanted to continue to improve the quality. Camera lenses stood out to me and luckily there are options from $10-$100.

I love working with natural light the most, but sometimes you need a little extra help from artificial light. These can range from under $25+.

I’ll often find myself wanting to do everything on my own- I pride myself in being a one woman show for now because I know I am giving my projects everything I have. But you literally can’t do it all alone, even when you’re alone. I love using a tripod to get self portraits, capture stable videos for some projects, Be mindful of the weight you’re adding to the tripod.

Prices range from $14+

extra camera accessories under $10